North Korea is a ‘clear and present’ danger to world, US defence secretary Jim Mattis says

North Korea is accelerating its push to acquire a nuclear-armed missile capable of threatening the United States and other nations, and the US regards this as a “clear and present danger,” US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said on Saturday.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Impossible! Bill Clinton successfully negotiated a treaty with them so they would never develop any nuclear weapons.

  • mauser 98
  • Brett_McS

    Three US carrier groups in the area now. Developing!

    • Slickfoot
    • Gary

      As I point out in the above comment… the UN caused this mess by appeasement to get a Treaty and NOT end the War to have a winner.
      Today, the UN is wanting the West to appease the islam and have Peace , but this too will just make the final battle more bloody with 20 times the deaths to civilians.
      Let’s cut out the cancer NOW and accept the loss of 1 Kidney or a foot before it kills us of a slow death from within. Cancer doesn’t care if it dies with us because it’s goal is to mutate and spread as if it’s a suicide jihad mission .

  • Gary

    It’s so funny that back in March i had pointed out how useless the UN is because there have been about 160 various wars where millions have died and yet the UN only sanctioned about 3 while the Korean war was did end but only had a Peace Treaty .
    I mentioned how the UN’s open wound for Korea has allowed it to become a nuclear threat beyond it’s original goals to attack South Korea .
    My example for how inept the UN was to point out having a Police Station in your area for about 70 years and it only responded to three 9-1-1 calls over homicides when there had been over 3000.

    N.Korea is now more of a Nuclear threat and in the News . Some people think i prattle on from paranoia…..but when i see a pattern and know that Humans are born lazy and violent where they must fight the dark side with our ‘Better Angles of out Nature ‘ ( Lincoln Circa 1860) .
    islam has the bipedal walking bombs that can be flown into a nation by Plane in the guise of a peaceful follower wanting to live in freedom and raise children in peace.

  • The success of North Korea’s missile launches is growing. All they would have to do is hit a target laden with nuclear material off of the coast of Japan and it’s curtains.

    Had the South Koreans elected an anti-Kim president, North Korea would have crumbled more quickly. However, the new president, Moon Jae-In, may realise that his leftist ideals will not protect him against Kim Jong-Un’s insanity and adhere to the sanctions.

  • simus1

    A total cynic might suggest the deal is “The US and Japan will agree to shadowbox with China whenever the old men in Peking require a foreign threat to distract the masses from the bosses messes”. In return, “something” must be done by China about the lunatics running NorKland.

  • HalcyonDaze

    It’s great to talk about how evil and dangerous the Norks are but, the fact remains that the world and it’s PC leaders will continue to appease the little shat and his murderous ways until he finally goes completely off the rails and uses a nuke to attack someone.

    To underscore my point all you have to do is look at the worlds reactions to the continuing spate of bombings in Europe and the UK. Hey, peaceful Islam just killed 22 of our children. Let’s sing John Lennon songs and hold hands cause that’ll make it all better. So, even if Kim attacks another country it’s still no guarantee that the world leaders will do anything more than wring their hands, try and give him a timeout while begging him to be a good boy because, in today’s feked up world of “nobody’s responsible for their own actions” it would be considered politically incorrect and racist to defend yourself from nuclear annihilation by a mentally unstable, height challenged, oriental, Stalinist.

  • WalterBannon

    Don’t worry everyone, climate change will take out North Korea