Move to privatize Thug U (Evergreen)

From Thomas Lifson at American Thinker:

Evergreen State University in Olympia, Washington has emerged as ground zero for physical intimidation and neo-segregation, as leftists exercise totalitarian control. As most readers already know, when a leftist professor, Bret Weinstein, objected to a neo-segregationist event in which all white people were top leave campus, he was viciously threatened with physical violence, and was advised to leave campus because his safety could not be protected.

Even worse, the president of the university, George Bridges, disgraced himself by caving in to ridiculous demands, and praising the students who abused Weinstein and even himself. Shades of Maoist thought-reform in China under the Red Guards! Watch as he agrees to cut academic homework assignments to enable the demonstrators to focus on their disruptions: More.

In an astonishing move, “GOP state Representative Matt Manwiller introduced legislation on Thursday to cut state support, and eventually privatize Evergreen.”

Reality check:

1) Either: Why should scum like Manwiller be allowed to live?

2) Or: Maybe some Canadian campuses should be looking over their collective shoulders too. New Conservative leader Andrew Scheer vows to pull federal funding from Thug U North.

Some people — a tiny minority, doubtless — do not, even now, wish to pay to be told that we should all shut up unless we are looney left. Never mind, when Thug U’s graduates take control, they will sure fix us good.

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