Meet Trudeau’s new language commissioner — A Liberal insider who barely speaks English

The new Liberal Party bilingualism commissioner has trouble with English. How did that happen?

Well, she’s a Liberal.

  • ntt1

    over the past 3 decades the Canadian government has quietly become a defacto Quebecois enclave. any routine inquiry made to Ottawa will result in a French greeting then a very heavily accented worker. Despite Quebecois being less than 25% of our population they haver taken most of the jobs in Ottawa. she simply does not need English to speak to government workers

  • Dana Garcia

    Inability to speak English is the cool new diversity category.

  • ontario john

    Liberals are entitled to their perks. Her first important task will be to make sure that big rubber duck speaks both languages.

  • Felicia Scott

    Canada has always made itself a laughing stock with its language police BS. French is a dead language, get used to that.

    • WalterBannon

      Arabic will be the new national language when Turdeau is done remaking Canada

  • WalterBannon

    The break up of Canada can not come soon enough

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why no Urdu and Arabic?

  • canminuteman

    Bilingualism has never been about French people speaking English, it has always been about English people speaking French.

  • DMB
  • Frances

    The Official Languages Commissioner has never, insofar as I have heard, ever entertained a complaint by an anglophone, so why would he, she, or it need English?