Jordan Peterson, hero of the anti-PC crowd, just keeps winning

It wasn’t long ago that University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson’s future seemed somewhat in doubt. He rose to prominence — many would say notoriety — last autumn with his public refusal to use transgender and non-binary students’ pronouns of choice: “xe,” “zir” and “they,” for example. It was part of a multi-pronged YouTube campaign against political correctness and “compelled speech,” and against federal legislation that would make gender expression and gender identity prohibited grounds for discrimination.

  • H

    I stopped reading when the National Post article started trashing the Rebel.

  • shasta

    It seems from the tone of the article that Chris Selley and those that he interviewed are jealous of Mr. Peterson’s success.
    I think a sizable part of that success comes from the desire of many people to see some one or any one in a position of prominence to show some backbone and stand up to the PC crowd and say NO.
    As for Jordan Peterson, His lectures on You Tube do not necessarily always fit with a conservative ideology, and tend to be a bit pedantic, but are interesting if you find psychology interesting. – just my opinion.