Blind, bovine hope will get us nowhere – it’s time to change our response to Islamic extremism

Last Sunday, I appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Politics to discuss the aftermath of the Manchester attack. I said what I thought, and various Muslim groups promptly went bananas.

  • Hey, not all bovines are blind to the threat out there!

    Just saying!

  • shasta

    “if what all these things suggest is true then we could be in serious trouble. Perhaps we are.”

    No perhaps about it; we are indeed in serious trouble.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Corbyn is polling above 40% for the first time. England is finished, especially for gays, Jews, Christians and everyone to the right of Stalin.

    • ntt1

      be carefull believing polls but may’s plummy incompetence is certainly a worry. she is completely out of touch with the average Brit. the danger is corbyn ,an ardent communist,might end up seeming to be closer in profile than May the toff.

    • Tooth&Claw

      An Alberta like upset in the British Empire. God have mercy.