Transgender kiddies in Alberta

From Wayne J. Ottenbreit in NDP Alberta at MercatorNet:

As the governing party was changing, media attention found a cause célèbre in the provincial capital. The family of a seven year old boy-identifying-as-a-girl filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission that he was denied use of the girls’ washroom at his school. The child was quoted as saying, “When I have to use the everybody washroom it makes me sad.” Bureaucracy and its insidious cousin, fear-of-liability, overtook common sense and the managers of this Catholic school caved to pressures real, perceived, and feared.


Hitting closest to home, a younger daughter confessed to feeling “guilty” because she didn’t want to use the girls’ washroom at her junior high school when one of the boys is in it. In discussing this tremendously valid concern with the principal, my wife was initially told that the best solution might be for our daughter to use the “transgender washroom”. The principal, whether by sincere conviction or sensing a need to be thus convicted, explained that all the students at the school are comfortable with the young man’s assumed identity (though this principal-manager was careful to reference him as “her”). Another daughter, having friends at that same school, informed us that the students are not in fact comfortable, but neither do they feel able to share this openly. More.

Reality check: Never mind that, scientifically, child transgenderism is utterly without foundation. If it can be enforced, that’s science to you! One pities only those who did not vote for it.

Critically, the progressive revolution must go on and on because progressives are at war with reality and there are always new realities to assault. Of course, we could just not vote for it.

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How can we defend the right to think for ourselves? You need true grit and a thick skin

  • Gary

    Hold on a moment….wasn’t it the NDP and the gheystapo crowds that smashed us over the head for about 25 years that people are Born gay and can’t change . These people attacked the Sexual conversion Therapy and got it banned or cut off tax funded Therapy.

    Now we are going to be smashed over the head by the Government that your gender or sexual preference is NOT set at birth by can change during you lifetime.

    Next it will be Trans-racial where a white boy will tell his Teacher that he’s really a black female lesbian inside .

  • Shebel

    It is almost like it is all planned.
    That brain dead Coulliard— is going to start WHINING about the Constitution—

  • Justin St.Denis

    Good grief! I am so fucking sick of this Tranny PsyOp! For the life of me, I don’t understand how/why so many people get their panties in a knot over this issue. A greater percentage of the population use walkers than are transgendered, yet no human rights activists champion better accommodations for disabled persons in public facilities.

    I will leave aside the fact that transgenders suffer from psychiatric delusions and that no amount of surgery or accommodations will dispel those delusions. Wait until the transgenders discover that they are being used. Lawsuits will fly. Give it a decade.

  • Felix_Culpa

    Some boys just naturally won’t like sports; some girls just naturally won’t like fashion and dressing up. There’s a perfectly valid range of “normal” around the generally-true sex stereotypes. But the “big tranny” movement is taking these kids and convincing them (and their parents) that they are really “transgender” and causing irreparable harm.