Times Square

Unhappiest person in Times Square… ever

Every time we have visited NYC I have insisted we take in Times Square.

Every time K has suggested we avoid it.

Every time I expect different results.

Every time we go it seems worse than the last time.

I try very hard to discern some redeeming quality to the Times Square experience.

I fail every time.

We get there and immediately look for a route out. I blame myself as perhaps my eyes are unable to divine the glamour and excitement found there by so many or maybe it’s a victim of its own hype.

This was the highlight of today’s walk through. That’s some patriotic fire hydrant there.

But New York has so much to see it never gets dull. In future I’ll avoid the square.

Our next hike will be the High Line followed by a visit to the Chelsea Market and then Big Gay Ice Cream, which comes highly recommended.

Today was K’s shopping day. We hoofed it down 5th Avenue and then down Madison window shopping until we arrived at K’s Nirvana – Lily Pulitzer. A couple of tops were purchased and then the long march home, about a 10k slog when you tack on our meanderings. Then we checked out the Tommy Bahama store down the street and discovered they have a pretty nice restaurant. I’m not kidding.

Pro-Tip – Avoid the Baskin-Robbins on 43rd near Times Square. I swear it’s staffed by ISIS. To their credit they did serve more than adequate portions.