Sweden says EU aid should depend on acceptance of refugees

The European Union, facing smaller dues when Britain leaves, should make aid to poorer member states conditional on their willingness to accept asylum seekers, Sweden’s Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson said.

Both Poland and Hungary have refused to take refugees fleeing wars in the Middle East.


  • Norman_In_New_York

    Poland is not poor, so Poles can flip Sweden the bird. (I don’t know about Hungary, but I doubt it is mired in poverty either.)

  • Editor

    I don’t think, considering the situation Sweden has created for itself through its willful blindness, rigid 3rd wave feminist ideology and pathological altruism, that we should be taking ANY advice from them. Period.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course. Pack them all into Bosnia and build a fence around it, making it a ‘camp’ of sorts to ‘concentrate’ the population. What could be more progressive than that?

  • Ego

    Sweden can shove it.
    No level of poverty is worse than national suicide by Islam as practiced by lunatic countries like Sweden, Germany, the UK and others.