Sweden: 16 Sexually Assaulted Girls Called “Racists” “Islamophobes” for Complaining

Islam is not a race, but that is of no import. Of course, these girls, these victims, are “islamophobic” and “racist” because any criticism of Islam or Muslims is prohibited under Islamic law (sharia). You didn’t think it would end with the Muhammad cartoons, did you? It began with the cartoons. Once the West submitted to that demand, it opened the floodgates to more demands, more sharia.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    So disgusting and depressing.

  • KebabForPeace

    How does one become a racist, when said perpetrator physically does something to dehumanize you…? Does that mean that his “race” did a crime, and that is ‘Racist’…? If so, then it is true. She IS a racist.

    But we are forgetting that ACTUAL, PHYSICAL and or VERBAL accounts of harassment did occur. It’s almost as if… No. Can’t be. Well… maybe. Almost as if we’re under… Sharia?

    What was it again? Do remind me if I’m wrong on this one, but having females complain about being either raped, or sexually harassed, does not really lend itself as any meaningful complaint…?

    Am I right? Was it four male witnesses to confirm a rape, or how many?

    Yes, a VERY dry and bitter tasting sarcasm.

    Doesn’t taste well… and neither does a kebab, handled with a bare left hand.

  • Alain

    Why is it so difficult for the majority of people in the West, not only in Sweden, to figure out that they have traitors running the country, who really do not care in the least for them, their safety, their welfare and their families? Sadly it is the same in Canada when it comes to the same wilful blindness of far too many; otherwise the Liberals would not be in power at the federal level nor in Ontario, nor would the NDP be in Alberta and I see little point in covering the rest of the country which is much the same.

    • Because they are truly without functioning minds.

      i don’t know if there is any other explanation.

  • roccolore

    Rotherham part 2.

  • Editor

    As much as my heart goes out to the young girls, they should be asking their parents and grand-parents why they have been voting for importing and coddling their tormentors, rapists and murderers for 40 years.