Filmmaker avoids abortion when celebrating Planned Parenthood

Why? Isn’t abortion hot? From Leah Libresco Sargeant at First Things:

Joss Whedon tells stories about heroes, whether they’re California teenagers slaying vampires, a misfit band of smugglers saving the galaxy, or a group of superheroes repelling an alien invasion. No wonder Planned Parenthood was eager to sign him up for a short film lauding their services. But Whedon’s “Unlocked” tells a more complicated story about sex and abortion than he and Planned Parenthood must have intended.

Refusing to show abortion as one of the services Planned Parenthood provides seems oddly prim for a video ostensibly celebrating the clinics’ work. Perhaps Whedon couldn’t figure out how to shoot the procedure in an upbeat way. Or maybe, when he tried, he noticed that this choice compelled him to make further storytelling choices, which complicated his narrative. More.

Reality check: Abortion has been Planned Parenthood’s centrepiece for some time. That, and selling the children’s cadavers. One can estimate the moral status of a politician or celeb by their willingness to defend the organization.

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