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Where to Get Free Doughnuts on National Doughnut Day

The United States will celebrate National Doughnut Day on Friday, June 2, meaning fans of the fried dough treat are in for sweet freebies all day.

Italian Populist Leader Slams EU and NGOs ‘Funding and Planning’ Migrant Crisis

On Twitter, Mr. Salvini also suggested Europe is “funding shipwrecks, mafia and Islamic terrorism” and called for border checks to be “moved to North Africa”.

Alberta NDP Minister flees from unemployed energy workers

The Wildrose and Progressive Conservatives are the only parties standing up for the laid off oil and gas workers looking for jobs to get back on track. A crowd that marched to the Legislature is part of a larger group of engineers, geologists, and geophysicists that are sitting at a 50% unemployment rate and are willing to be retrained.

Conspiracy Theories Swirl as Full ‘Bilderberg 2017’ Guest List Confirmed for Secretive Gathering

The secretive group, formed from elite members of the media, political and finance world and sometimes known as the “shadow world government”, are gathering in Chantilly, Virginia, over the next three days.

Exactly what goes on inside the meetings is a tightly-guarded secret, despite editors and writers from some of the most important publications on earth being invited.

Also: The Bilderberg 2017 Agenda: “The Trump Administration – A Progress Report”

Liberal Professor Claims Ariana Grande Is Better Suited To Fight Terror Than Mad Dog

Professor of History at the University of Michigan, Juan R. I. Cole, has praised Ariana Grande for her ‘understanding’ of counterterrorism while bashing James “Mad-Dog” Mattis’ comments on how America will tackle the Islamic State with annihilation.

Scotland: Muslim says Manchester jihad massacre was “inevitable consequence of UK policy towards Muslims”

“Why should we care when the table turns….Do they think they can prod a hornet’s nest and not get stung?”

He’s right about UK policy towards Muslims being to blame.

UK immigration policy, that is.

‘This Is Sociopathy’: Liberal UNH Professor Says Trump ‘Must Be Impeached’ For Covfefe Tweet

“The president is unwell; he now says ‘covfefe’ is SECRET CODE,” he added in a follow-up tweet. “Please retweet if you think this dangerous man must be IMPEACHED immediately.”

SHOTS FIRED! Look What Student Does To Trudeau

Trudeau gets ripped a new one on his fiscal irresponsibility. London, Ontario, Canada at UWO’s Alumni Hall.

2017 Barack Obama Calendar First Lady Michelle Our First Family

Features historic African American events for each day of the year!

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