Anti-Semitic complaint against Ryerson University goes viral

From Sue-Ann Levy at the Toronto Sun:

Since Monday’s exclusive Toronto Sun story on the complaint by Rebecca Katzman that the treatment she said she received at the hands of the faculty of social work was anti-Semitic, the university has run for cover — refusing to admit it did not handle the situation properly and instead chose to try discredit both Katzman and me.

The story, which details how the 22-year-old Katzman was refused a third-year placement at the Prosserman Jewish Community Centre (JCC) and/or the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), has gone viral on social media and on blogs throughout Canada and the United States since being published in the Sun.

According to a series of e-mails from August and September of 2015 — obtained by the Sun — Katzman’s field placement coordinator, Heather Bain, advised her that the two well-respected Jewish agencies were not only “in opposition” to the values of the School of Social Work but that both agencies would not be pursued because they have a “strong anti-Palestinian lean.” More.

Reality check: Is it barely possible that at least some Jewish people are waking up to the fact that progressives are not their friends? No matter how much the rest of us might want to help, we can do nothing if they keep handing anti-Semites the guns and bullets.

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