You know you are “the fetus” when…

From Bradford Richardson at Washington Times:

A Nevada physician says insurance companies in states where assisted suicide is legal have refused to cover expensive, life-saving treatments for his patients but have offered to help them end their lives instead.

Brian Callister, associate professor of internal medicine at the University of Nevada, said he tried to transfer two patients to California and Oregon for procedures not performed at his hospital. Representatives from two different insurance companies denied those transfer requests by phone, he said.

“And in both cases, the insurance medical director said to me, ‘Brian, we’re not going to cover that procedure or the transfer, but would you consider assisted suicide?’ ” Dr. Callister told The Washington Times. More.

Reality check: It wouldn’t be surprising. Euthanasia makes this inevitable. An insurance company’s funds come from its policyholders. Why should the other policyholders be on the hook to pay for expensive treatments for someone who can now just be killed? When euthanasia was illegal, no one could simply suggest it on their behalf, as the medical director can today.

Welcome to the world of “the fetus.”

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