Toronto 18 jihad leader wants to get out of jail and fight for the Islamic State

There is nothing surprising in this. Ahmad’s manipulation and deception are cemented into the jihadist mindset: hate the infidel, blame the infidel, destroy the infidel, and think up infinite manipulative and deceptive ways to promulgate a victimology narrative to aid in doing all this. The jihadist motivation is rooted in ideology, even as Western authorities treat every jihadist as simply another criminal case. For jihadists, martyrdom and shedding the blood of infidels is the highest calling.

Interesting that he wants to study robotics.

  • Yo Mama

    They should put him in with all the sex offenders so he can study how to be their beotch!

  • reidjr

    He gets let out show up at Pearson gets charged under treason laws.

  • Again – why is someone like him allowed to walk around?

    A Trudeau success story!

  • HalcyonDaze

    If he wants to fight for ISIS he should be prepared to die for ISIS. So, given that thought they should dress him up in cammo, a black balaclava, an empty AK47 and running shoes. Then, stand him in the middle of an empty field and use drone technology to deliver a tap on the shoulder with a JDAM missle. It’s a win win situation. The drone pilot gets some practice hitting small moving targets and we get rid of another whiny Islamic loser.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let him go. Those guys last about 6 weeks

  • Mark

    I just assume there’s a stenography error. Where it says he wants to fight ISIS it should be assumed he said he wants to fight ‘for’ ISIS. Easy mistake.

  • Link’s fixed, sorry about that!

  • Spatchcocked

    I thought he was an aspiring Rap singer ?