The New Normal: Sending Troops to Afghanistan and Forgetting They Exist

The handwriting is on the wall: Whether it’s a strategically sound policy or not, it’s likely the Trump administration will authorize the Pentagon to deploy an additional three thousand to five thousand U.S. troops to Afghanistan to ostensibly prevent the Taliban from capturing more territory.

While the details are not yet out, administration officials are saying the exact things one would expect before a sizable troop increase.

The Taliban threat is a cash cow for the Afghan government, corruption is rife and the west keeps the money flowing.

  • QiPo

    I do not like bleeding America out like this. We are acting like a dysfunctional parent with a strong willed child at a toy store. We can buy toys, but there is a zero chance of placating this child. What do we do when we sell all our possessions, borrow to our eyebrows, and still don’t have enough toys to give a perpetually mean spirited, clever 3 year old who will always hate us? Islam puts the fun into disfunctional.