Kind-hearted woman who took in a ‘desperate refugee’ only to have it thrown back in her face: Sudanese man smoked drugs and ‘milked the UK’s benefits system’ before admitting he wasn’t even an asylum seeker

Typical of the high-profile figures to say they would happily take refugees into their home have been Bob Geldof and Labour’s Yvette Cooper. To date, though, very few have honoured their pledge.

So it is very refreshing to discover that, while many of these saintly figures have reneged on their promise, others have nobly stepped in and invited a refugee to live in their home.

One of these is the distinguished journalist Lynn Barber. Around 18 months ago, after being deeply affected by ‘almost daily horror stories’ of migrants during the summer of 2015 (in particular, by photos of a Syrian mother trying to hold her baby above the waves on a Mediterranean beach), she decided to offer help.