Kathy Griffin Hires Lawyer Because She’s Been Bullied By Trump Family

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    It was a severed head you fucking bitch!

    • Justin St.Denis

      The finer points – such as facts – tend to elude Kathy Griffin’s attention and/or comprehension.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I take off the smiley face when this shit happens and hit the feral.
        Snarling, spittle flecked wolf face full of fucking fangs.
        My sister went after my daughter.
        I said once, grow a spine.
        And then my sister did it again.
        That’s enough.
        ‘Dad, she’s doing it again.’
        That fucking bitch.
        These are my kids.
        Not yours.
        Spinster fucking cunt you don’t get to co-parent my kids.
        Should have had your own.
        And you had a good thirty year window to figure that out before your eggs dried up.
        Her audacity was absolutely appalling.
        And she didn’t initially think she had done anything wrong.
        She does now.

  • How much does it suck to be this twit? She spent thousands on plastic surgery and still looks like the love child of Camilla and Charles. Then she pulls this tawdry stunt and even her friends acknowledge how stupid she is. Now she’s doing a complete Hilary Clinton deal blaming everyone in sight for the fight that she started.
    That’s the equivalent of a KKK member burning a cross on a black family’s lawn and crying bullying when they turn him in to the police.

    • felis gracilis

      “She spent thousands on plastic surgery and still looks like the love child of Camilla and Charles.”
      You win the Spattered Monitor Award for today!

    • Will Quest

      There is no skankier skank than an old SKANK …… this slag has a syphilis brain….

  • DaninVan

    ????…so who’s she suing? The POTUS?! The whole Trump family?
    Dontcha just love watching celebrity train wrecks..

  • CodexCoder

    Anything for cheap publicity. I hope that the Trump family files counter suit and takes her for everything. No more than she deserves.

  • Her punishment is living out the rest of her life as Kathy Griffin.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Excellent point!

  • dapto

    Kathy “theMagot” Griffins you brought all this on yourself, stop blaming others oh that’s right your taking the Corruptocrats line of defence

  • Tom Forsythe

    Trying to keep the story alive.

  • What a silly b!#ch.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You are being far too kind.

  • bargogx1

    I’ll bet it was that darn Barron bullying her, that little scamp.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Well, he is taller.

      • bargogx1

        And he’s got male privilege!

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          My male privilege got me exiled five hundred miles north and alone.
          Love my wife.
          She can handle the kids.
          I only wish I had that choice.

      • Justin St.Denis

        And Barron has a brain, too.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Hmm odious woman makes faux comedy threat against President of the U.S.A. then claims being bullied for said actions. Something wrong here…oh it’s her!

  • Dana Garcia

    Now the ISIS groupie wanna-be says she is the victim.

  • pop

    Go live with Hilary you witch.