Is violent Islam really a ‘religion’ that deserves U.S. protection?

But it is a religion, isn’t it? Maybe the only religion with violence approved throughout its scriptures over a hundred times, but nevertheless a religion subject to all the rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution, right?

We need to pause to consider what is meant by a “religion.”

  • Waffle

    A succinct essay that should be seriously considered. IMHO, I think that we do not ban this cult, is because of our collective guilt at having taken real religion out of our lives. Although the speed with which we have done so picked up steam after WWII, it actually began long before with The Enlightenment when we lost our humility and started to fall in love with our own creations. Mary Shelley sums it up quite well in ‘Frankenstein’. The Western world accomplished great things over the next couple of hundred years in its secularity until it all came crashing to a halt. Marc Chagall exemplifies the end in his prophetic ‘White Crucifixion’, a chilling piece.

    So we are left with Islam. Remember, nature abhors a void. Islam, which we have elevated to semi-divine and untouchable status, is the epitome of unbridled carnal desire and senseless violence.

    And you’re worried about “fake news”???

  • Oracle9

    A sorely-needed clarification of ‘religion’ must be done. The secular humanist definition of religion never did include theocracy. Once theocracy is named and excuded (since it’s politics, not religion), then we can deal with the utter confusion rampant in Western societies as to how to approach Islamic terrorism and its social/political drive for supremacy as it spreads.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Religion is like pornography. We can’t define it, but we know it when we see it. This issue needs to go to the Supreme Court.

    • bob e

      well we got the short, fat dyke obama appointed who has her own religion. a chief justice that has been compromised, there is a puerto rican diversity woman, an old bat that can hardly stand

      & the rest depending on how they feel .. lets send this problem to them ..

  • Dana Garcia

    Islam is a holistic totalitarian political system with a wrapping of religion to fool the rubes and liberals.

    GEERT WILDERS: Islam is NOT a religion. I know it sounds crazy, and I know I don’t get a lot of support for that idea, but I strongly believe that Islam might be dressed up as a religion: it has a holy book, it has a temple, it looks like a religion, but it’s more an ideology and a totalitarian ideology than a religion. You cannot compare it with Christianity and Judaism, and you should compare it with other totalitarian ideologies like communism or fascism. I always use one example to prove it — there are many more that — like in communism or fascism, the penalty is death if you want to leave it. I mean, you cannot leave Islam: if you are an apostate, if you are a renegade, the penalty is death, and even today in our societies, let alone in the Islamic societies, it is enacted upon, you know people ARE killed for that reason, and you can leave Christianity, you can leave Judaism.

  • Observer

    Is Nazism?

  • Felicia Scott

    islam is not a cult or a religion. It is a violent criminal ideology no different than the Mafia or gangs like MS13 and Yakusa. islam uses religion as a terror tactic to reduce opposition to its plunder and atrocities. The first nation that denounces islam as a “religion” will be the true spark of returning civilization on this planet.

  • Krista Kay

    It is time to recognize ISLAM is NOT a religion.
    NO – incitement of HATE
    NO – tax exemptions
    NO – special ‘accommodations’
    NO – Halal
    NO – public Prayer Rooms
    NO – public Footbaths
    NO – Madrassas

    In ITALY, islam is NOT a religion. ‘Politicians from the ruling coalition cite radical imams, polygamy and failure to uphold women’s rights by Muslims immigrants as obstacles to recognizing Islam as an official religion in Italy.”
    A French mayor, Robert Chardon, is calling for governmental legislation that will ban Islam. He said in a recent statement:
    We must ban the Muslim faith in France.
    Posted on May 18, 2015

  • Islam is a religion. It is also a socio-political system.

    The biggest problem in the West is that people accommodate things from it that they would not accommodate from anyone else.

    • taxpayer

      How about a totalitarian, supremacist, ideology, dressed up as a religion to mask & attract the sociopaths it needs to populate it & practice it’s tenets.