Discrimination: When you can’t ban white people from Campus

What’s really surprising is that no one recognizes the hypocrisy here. Students oppose their “racist white teachers” but see nothing racist about wanting to ban “all whites” from campus.

Evergreen State College closed due to ‘direct threat to campus safety’

Evergreen State College in Washington state was abruptly closed Thursday morning after officials received a “direct threat to campus safety.”

  • Dana Garcia

    This is your campus with an overdose of affirmative action.

  • ontario john

    Were much more advanced here in Sunny Ways Ontario. We have an actual white privilege course at public schools, so kids are already ashamed of their race before they even get to college. It blends in nicely with the homosexual promotion course.

  • Ed

    “I’m tellin’ you, you’re speakin’ to your ancestor, all right? We’ve been here before you. We built these cities, we had civilization way before you ever had … comin’ out your caves.”

    How much in tuition???

  • Uncommunist

    Ban white mans money too.

  • Ann

    And what about those SJW that have mixed race parentage.

    • Alain

      I would say that does not matter since reality no longer matters. Nowadays you can be anything you feel like.

  • bargogx1

    Children of the Corn.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Someone saw a cloud that looked like Trump.