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UN warns that leaving Paris climate deal could affect internal security

“Today, the economy and the social aspects are linked to the environmental aspects but they’re also linked to the security aspects, they are linked to the risks of conflict, and the conflicts are becoming more and more interlinked and linked to the new threat of global terrorism,” he said.

“You have seen what has happened in Manchester, just a few days ago, so I mean if you leave a void to others to occupy you might be creating a problem to your own internal security.”

How the Liberals went from cool to hot on $15 minimum wage

Barely four months ago, I asked Premier Kathleen Wynne how open she was to the idea of boosting Ontario’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. She was rather unenthusiastic.

Despite activists pushing the government for a sharp increase from the current minimum wage of $11.40, Wynne defended the existing system of nudging it upward once a year by the rate of inflation.

Jihad in America: the women warriors fighting soft, feminized jihad

Europeans, who have a consistent habit of responding both passively and apologetically to Muslim terrorist attacks, Americans don’t like being blown up, shot up, or beheaded. It tends to make them fractious and then they start demanding that their leaders bomb the bombers or keep them off American soil. In other words, direct jihad warfare against Americans is not an especially effective tactic and it can invite unpleasant reprisals.

So, what’s a jihadist to do?

Leftists Want Their Enemies Dead

Should neo-Nazis be allowed to use gym facilities?

It’s an odd question, but it has larger implications for the future of conservatives in the public square, and for America’s prospects of staving off a new civil war.

STOP Justin Trudeau’s BEER TAX

Justin Trudeau is desperate for revenue. With his economic plan failing miserably, massive deficits piling up, and more Canadians seeing through his lies, Trudeau is looking for money everywhere he can get it.

Of course, he won’t cut any spending. He wants as much money and power concentrated in the hands of the bureaucratic state. So, his “only” option is to increase taxes.

Now, John Ivison has pointed out in the National Post that not only is Trudeau’s 2017 budget increasing beer taxes by 2%, but the taxes on beer, wine, and spirits will be increasing every single year going forward – tied to the rate of inflation.

LSU Tigers mascot a ‘symbol of white oppression’

An online petition is demanding that Louisiana State University change its “Tigers” mascot, calling the moniker “the most prevalent [C]onfederate symbol in the United States.”

According to the author of the petition—a user going by the name “LaMallori LSU”—the nickname was chosen by “powerful white males” as an homage to the Confederate “Louisiana Tigers” regiment, whose members “were known for their propensity for violence on and off the battle field [sic].”

“It’s also cruel to cage a wild animal for the amusement of privileged white people.”

Islamic State Supporters Following Coptic Bus Attack: ‘Christians Will Not Have Security’

Talha Alanssari wrote in the Telegram conversation, “May your jihad be blessed; you are sons of the Islamic State. Bless the pure hands that struck the strongholds of the Christians and the infidels. Thank Allah who made our hearts happy with the heroic attack of the nation of Caliphs against the Christians in Egypt who should expect more attacks. The same Christians will not have the luxury of security and they will pay … the taxes of the Jizya with the help of Allah”.

Berkeley ponders ordinance banning plastic straws

The next plastic piece of convenience on the chopping block are drinking straws, as the city of Berkeley decides whether to create an ordinance banning the environmentally unfriendly item.

Drawn up by three City Council members, the city would seek to ban plastic drinking straws from its restaurants and coffee shops. On Tuesday, the council met to explore the idea of a ban, as KPIX reports.

“We do need to change our habits,” said the council’s Sophie Hahn, one of the three who penned the information report about the possible legislation. “The habits we have are destroying our planet.”

Anti-Trump Hate Map Documents Attacks On Trump Supporters Across The U.S.

A right-wing group has released an interactive map documenting almost 200 criminal incidents in which Trump supporters “were targeted for political reasons.”

Unlike the Southern Poverty Law Center’s entirely fake hate map for “bias-incidents” which is based off informal surveys and anonymous reports sent to an online form on their website, the cases on this map are thoroughly documented.

Conservatives trying to ‘kill the bill’ that would make O Canada gender neutral, senator says

The late Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger’s dream of a gender-neutral national anthem by Canada Day is likely over.

Conservative Manitoba Senator Don Plett has moved an amendment to the legislation that would dump Bélanger’s proposed changes — which would replace “in all thy sons command” with “all of us command” in the English version of the anthem — and revert to the original wording of the song penned by Judge Robert Stanley Weir in 1908.

Godlike ‘Homo Deus’ Could Replace Humans as Tech Evolves

Evolution is a slow affair, taking some 5 million years to turn a chimpanzee-like creature into us. But what happens when we push down the accelerator and take command of our bodies and brains instead of leaving it to nature? What happens when biotechnology and artificial intelligence merge, allowing us to re-design our species to meet our whims and desires?