Tucker Carlson Immolates Suspected Antifa Bike Lock Attacker’s Activist Attorney

Last night Tucker Carlson danced circles around Dan Siegel, the civil rights attorney representing Berkeley bike lock attack suspect Eric Clanton who may be facing more than 40 years in state prison. Siegel, an activist lawyer, former Oakland mayoral candidate, and community organizer who led a moment of silence for ‘brother comrade’ Hugo Chavez in 2013, thought he could try lawyer-talking his way around Tucker’s questions. Nope. Carlson went in with brows at full drop and Comrade Siegel was artfully vanquished.

  • Gary

    According to this Lawyer. If anyone sees a Muslims waving an ISIS flag or calling for sharia law on US once the jews are wiped out and all the infidels …..it’s okay to smash them on the head with a bike lock.
    You’re innocent until proven guilty except for Trump where Hillary can lie about the Russians helping him win the election by allegation for the last 8 months.

    As for the video clip that doesn’t show what happened before the attack….we also need to know what the Hijab wearing person on the train did before the attack and stabbing of 2 people .

  • Watchman

    4:55 in the video: “We’ve been at these rallies where the alt-rightists have stabbed people.” This seems like this lawyer is speaking from personal experience of being at this type of rally, and almost certainly not on the ‘alt-right’ side if he was.
    Activist lawyer representing activist professor.

    Public argument points
    1) My client wasn’t at the rally
    2) Even if he was at the rally he wan’t the person swinging the bike lock
    3) Even though he didn’t swing the bike lock, it was completely justified as an act of self defence.
    4) This self-defence was because the bike lock swinger was in immanent feat of his/her life or in fear of another protester’s life because of a threat at another place and at another time by people who might conceivably be those same people.

    All clear now, gotcha! It’s going to be a plea of insanity or diminished responsibility, right?

  • pdxnag

    I used the Portland Hollywood transit station today. Chalk, chalk everywhere. Fresh flowers, wilting flowers. A few camera folks.

    The odds of crossing paths with highly agitated high&homeless on the MAX is quite enough to keep risk averse people off of it, and to oppose extension of new lines into virgin territory.

    The bike-lock swinging fascist antifa thugs are organized and work their violence in groups, dare I say as a criminal conspiracy. But one that the SPLC favors with silence.

  • WalterBannon

    This lawyer is the kind of douche that gives lawyers bad names

    • Justin St.Denis

      Agreed. This is the kind of lawyer you read about after he’s found dead beside his vehicle in a multi-level parking lot somewhere. If Life has taught me anything, it is that “Karma doesn’t fuck around” in the end. Karma always wins.

  • canminuteman

    There will be an open civil war with guns before much longer.

    • Justin St.Denis

      It sure does look that way.

      • Exile1981

        Have you seen the video of the antifa militia practicing. If push comes to shove you want them shooting at you…. rather than the guy next to you.

  • Editor

    Seems to be quite experienced in litigation against universities. I wonder who’s picking up the tab?