Ontario to kick off 150th birthday celebration with giant inflatable duck costing $200Gs


  • ontario john

    Yes, when you think about Canada’s birthday, you think right away about a huge rubber duck. But hey, its only money, we don’t worry about silly things like that here in Sunny Ways Ontario.

  • Reader

    When you think about Ontario’s deficit… hey look, a duck! Isn’t it a cute big rubber ducky?

  • CodexCoder

    The Liberal motto should be this: “No money too insignificant to waste”.

  • ontario john

    Maybe they are going to use it for some sort of sex toy at the Pride Parade.

    • ontario john

      Yes, Wynne spends money on rubber ducks, and our little prince is on a never ending selfie tour in Europe, but Canadians still love the liberals, according to the polls.

      • Reader

        Just wait until the next economic depression and Liberal policies that only make it worse.

        Either things are going to swing more left or correct towards traditional conservativism. Which way I who knows? There are a lot of bubble to burst.

  • What the duck?

  • Linda1000

    Don’t worry about the duck sinking as it did off the coast of Hong Kong and Thailand. As soon as, Wynne makes one of her hot air speeches on Canada Day the duck will inflate to sail on to global waters as per the creator of this toy.

  • Minicapt