Explosive Islamophobia: Ramadan Bombathon Update…

At least 24 killed in Isis bombing of ice cream shop as second blast hits Iraq during Ramadan

The Religion of Peace is keeping score.

  • marty_p

    I am confused – the first in a month of endless BS Ramadan puff piece Op Ed’s in the Toronto Star (and Crescent) – the author says that Ramadan is a time for “prayer and charitable acts, are outward rituals, but there are spiritual and transformative aspects of the holy month”… (Blowing yourself up along with a few innocent bystanders certainly is “transformative”)

    And for non Muslims “You also don’t have to fast, unless you really wish to experience it. Understand that it is a time for spiritual focus and try to accommodate your friend, employee or co-worker, if and when appropriate, as you would in any civilized interaction. Consider supporting local charities, such as the Give 30 Ramadan initiative, which seeks to fight local hunger.”

    Ya right, I am rushing out to donate for Mo hunger.


  • Wow, this Ramadan is really heating up.

  • Will Quest