Wilders: Politicians’ post-Manchester ‘grief’ is ‘hollow’

Islamic terrorism expert Geert Wilders says world leaders’ expressions of shock and grief following the 22 dead and 120 wounded at the Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, England – as well as their words of sorrow after other fatality-laden jihadist attacks – are “hollow” because they do not care enough to address the underlying problem that is responsible for all the pain and suffering – Islam.

The leader of the Netherlands’ Party for Freedom recently noted how the Dutch Parliament made a solemn minute-long production of remembering the concert victims with a moment of silence … just as it did for victims of jihad in Stockholm, Sweden, in March and for those of the Berlin, Germany, attack in December – as well as for earlier attacks in Nice, France; Brussels, Belgium; Paris, France and; Copenhagen, Denmark.

A politicians sincere grief? Not possible when they’re the ones responsible for allowing mass death cult immigration.