Responding to Islamist Terrorism: Are We Too Late?

Dearborn is an evil place.

As I assess the US attitude toward Islamism and terror, I’m concerned that we are deluding ourselves about the dangers of terror in this country, and how soon we may find ourselves in deep trouble. John Kluge wrote an excellent post on how the US assesses Islamism. I believe this post takes his ideas even further, providing evidence that the danger is even more immediate than we realize. My biggest issue, however, is that I’ve had to rely on the mainstream media, whose overall credibility has been challenged to some degree, to counter-balance the information I’ve discovered. For that reason, in two out of three of my major points of evidence, I leave it to you, the reader, to decide where the truth lies.

  • Dana Garcia

    STOP Muslim immigration NOW.

    In fact, end ALL immigration, because importing human labor is a policy that should be shelved, given the automated future.

  • Linda1000

    Really? How does the muslim police woman remember 9/11? Is it according to this sign?

  • John Boy

    Unless we are willing to expel them all now, the answer is YES.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The costs will be greater the longer we wait to take action, but it isn’t too late. And we will not accept any attempts by the denizens of Dearborn to create a no-go zone.

  • RottyLover

    I see the bag head is not allowed to have a gun. dearbornistan should be leveled. And every known jihadi training camp. And every mosque.

  • ontario john

    I can see her face! What a slut!!

    • Justin St.Denis

      Thank allah the slut at least has the decency to cover her hair so that the magic rays that render men insane remain contained. Phew!

  • Gary

    The islamists will use her to load the Cop car with bombs as she goes-Jihad next to a jewish temple or during a Pride Parade that was meant to show the success of Diversity and islam’s peace.

    I won’t be shocked when the pressure cooker bombs go off in Toronto at PRIDE because the BLM urban terrorists are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and islamists in Canada.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I’m expecting something like that too. Naturally, the TTC will also be a great target during Pride week/month/whatever.

  • ladyofperpetulmotion .

    Every Muslim country should be banned from the US.