Police helicopter sent to house party after neighbours complained a song mocking Bin Laden’s death was being played

A police helicopter swooped on a garden party after neighbours complained a song mocking Osama bin Laden’s death was being played.

Officers were called out after reports the music was too loud and people were allegedly shouting anti-Islamic abuse.

A female officer who attended the home in Cambridge pressed her ‘panic button’ after ‘taking offence’ to the infamous track, called the ‘Bin Laden Song’.

The parody, which has its own music video, uses the death of the terrorist as a reference for jokes about sex and the military.

  • Ed

    Monty Python couldn’t come up with this material.

    • Brett_McS

      I think they did. It’s just not funny any more.

    • K1

      if this is the song posted yesterday then I would say it is
      showing disrespect toward Western women
      …. to me it was pro-jihad views and said the Jihad view of Western women is right

    • Clausewitz

      I expect sooner or later that this will happen at Ribfest. I don’t think the complainants in question condone my dietary habits.

  • Watchman

    Police keep order with the consent of the people. Once the people believe that the police are not on their side, once they believe that the police are part of a repressive government that ignores their concerns and does not represent their best interests then a change will occur. People will start to ignore all laws; police will find not only a lack of cooperation, but will find a hostile resistance to their enforcement of laws and apprehension of lawbreakers.

    If you want to see what happens then look no further than 752 French ‘Zones Sensibles’ or a couple of no-go suburbs in Sweden. The police enter these areas at their own risk, only in force, and leave enforcement of cultural norms to vigilantes.

    This is the potential of Britain: an angry British crowd with a enemy police force and the breakdown of law and order. The more repression of the British people, the greater the resistance to the police and government and the closer Britain gets to civil war.

    • H

      That is one possibility; another is that you get a police state, a la the USSR, Cuba or North Korea, where it can hardly be claimed that the people support or trust the police and security, but they are cowed into quiet obedience. I believe the UK is heading in that disastrous direction.

      • Watchman

        A police police-state Britain depicted in the film Children of Men, but with a Labour government under Jeremy Corbin’s successor, millions of refugees being imported instead of being deported and a fight to save the last native Briton baby born in the country – a symbol of the last of British culture, values and heritage.

        • Brett_McS

          Quite a good movie. The lack of children was due to some unspecified environmental effect, not societal ennui.

          • Watchman

            The actual effect seems the same though: a downfall of civilisation and the rise of chaos and anarchy.

  • bob e

    I’ve already hidden my karee-oki machine ..

    • mobuyus

      Lay in a supply of headphones.

  • k2

    Truly insane, and also frightening. However, an apt, if rather extreme, example of the sickened and decaying society that Britain has become.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Agreed. This is a clear indication that time spent worrying about the future of Britain is time wasted. When suicides are determined, seven 24/7 surveillance cannot stop them from offing themselves. Britons WANT to be eradicated for the sins of their evil culture. Blind self-hatred at its most dismal.

  • Editor

    I bet you a few loud, public, strategic sackings of key SJW higher ups in the Police service could bring back logic and common sense in most Police departments but the political will isn’t there.Virtue signaling, vote whore politicians after the snowflake voting block are a major part of the problem.

  • roccolore

    This is why terror attacks happen.

  • tom_billesley

    If you don’t own a mobile phone that can be examined by police, you’ll be charged with obstructing a police investigation. Ditto a failure to have accounts in social media that forestalls their demands for passwords. Being off the grid is grounds for suspicion.

  • mobuyus

    The english have chosen appeasent over war. They shall have war.

    • Editor

      War is when both sides fight. I haven’t seen the UK fight yet.

      • mobuyus

        They have a war that they seem to have no interest in, but that war is very interested in them wether they fight back or not. The war has been declared already by the one side who is engaging in it every single day.

  • Exile1981

    Actually the tittle is slightly wrong. The neighbours complained about the noise, the female muslim officer pushed her panic button because she was offended by the song.

    Just another muslim trying to use the police to enforce sharia.

    • Ed

      It should be called a “triggered” button

      • Exile1981

        The helicopter and 10 other officers only came because the panic button means she was under attack.

        She should be suspended for being an idiot and using the button wrong. The fact that she supports Osama and dislikes mocking a terrorist says she’s a security risk.

        • Editor

          Yes, but that’s a sane, normal person’s reaction to the misuse of Police personnel and equipment. You know as well as I do that any department that would hire such an easily triggered woman in the first place isn’t going to do anything. A couple of weeks of paid leave for her emotional trauma maybe but discipline . . .

          • Watchman

            Now they have her, it’s almost certain they can’t get rid of her despite any work performance issues due to the risk she will sue on the claim of discrimination. Sometimes horrible minority staff are promoted upwards and outwards just because they are destroying a work unit by their action or inactions. Thus they can steadily rise within an organisation until the Peter Principle finally kick in, albeit too late.