Irish police identify cell of over 12 Muslim terrorists living in Ireland

Irish police have said that a hardcore cell of more than a dozen jihadis are living in Ireland, the majority of them in south Dublin city.

The Irish Mirror reports that the ISIS-supporting suspects are under surveillance, but cannot be monitored at the same level as suspects in the UK due to a lack of manpower.

A senior source revealed: “These terrorists see Ireland as a soft touch and a safe haven. Some of them have used the cover of raising money for charities in the Middle East but gardai [ police] believe the money is being used to fund groups like ISIS.”

  • tom_billesley

    IRA and mahometan terrorists have been mutually supportive.

    • K1


  • UCSPanther

    Time for the Irish Gardai to start going RUC on that cell…

  • chayisun

    Here’s a novel idea. Why not just go and pick up these “over 12” muslim terrorists like now? Charge them with jaywalking, shoplifting, scamming…..Whatever…..And send the them to some muslim toilet bowl. AND, take away their passports and citizenship if they any.

    Under surveillance indeed.

    • Watchman

      Only people like Tommy Robinson deserve that level of harassment! /sarc

  • Watchman

    Fake news: “After an extremist bombing, there should be addition funding to surveil the remaining surviving extremists. As long as there is enough outrage at the number of deaths, we might well have enough money and resources to be able to stop one or two future bombings.

    We do have plans to recruit a couple of dozen muslims into the Garda so that the muslim community do not feel that there is a systematic islamophobia, and plan to give them extensive training on our confidential counter terrorism procedures. As a security measure we plan on making them swear an oath on a Bible to uphold the ethics and laws of Ireland – unless it contradicts their muslim faith. As islam is a religion of peace we believe that is adequate to assuage Irish citizens concerns.” /sarc