If Europe Really Worried About Russia, It Would Get Serious About Defense Spending

Soviet is-2 Brandenburg Gate Berlin 1945

NATO leaders got acquainted with President Donald Trump this week. One can only imagine what they thought of the Donald. Their main objective was to reinforce the efforts of his aides to turn him into a traditional American cheerleader for European dependence.

For those seeking to revive an alliance created almost seventy years ago, in a vastly different time, Russia has resumed its role as the “necessary” enemy. The organization faded in relevance—indeed, lost its raison d’être—but recently reasserted its role as Europe’s guardian. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges said the United States was returning troops to the continent as part of the “transition from assurance to deterrence.” Their “mission is to deter Russia,” he added.

  • Cat-astrophe

    A line of Joseph Stalin 2 tanks with their 122mm main guns.
    There were more where those came from…..same old story today.
    Good luck old Europe.
    Hope you get enough new people from Islamic countries to make your dreams come true, whatever those dreams are.

  • Clausewitz

    Europe has been sucking at the teat of the “Peace Dividend” for 70 years. Reality is about to become one real bitch.

  • simus1

    Nobody seems to give our Euro NATO brethren credit for their crash fracking program for secure natural gas supplies to remove their total dependence on present Russian controlled supplies.

    There isn’t any such program ?
    It would inflame the enviro-nutter left ? Too divisive ?

    • Bernie

      To divisive as they can get all the Gas they need from Israel.

  • canminuteman

    European countries are more worried about what is going on within their own borders than they are about Russia. They pretend to be scared about Russia so they don’t have to admit that they are scared of the problems that their policies have inflicted on their countries. They can’t be as stupid as they look. They know what’s coming and they know they caused it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Russia isn’t going to harm its biggest customer to the extent it can’t BE its biggest customer and Europe isn’t going to be The Mouse that Roared. Trump is right; pay up or stop pretending. Military spending in Europe is another make-work social engineering program like all the others. In the case of the UK and France, it’s an overpriced remembrance of colonial days of yore. They should both abandon nuclear weapons. Save the money and protect all of us from the day when ISIS gets their hands on them.

  • Manual Paleologos

    They aren’t worrying about Russia, because Russia does not have the capability to invade Europe. They are a shell, with the approximate GDP of Italy. This is a major problem with NATO today. It doesn’t have a relevant mission. Turkey may be a greater military threat to Europe than Russia. And they’re inside the tent.

  • tom_billesley