Security blankets T.O.’s major venues in wake of Manchester bombing… because diversity makes us stronger

It was subtle, discreet and effective.

But it was there.

There was quite a security blanket around Toronto’s big venues Friday night.

The elephant in the room was obviously how would Toronto Police and security staff respond here following the egregious, deadly suicide terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

And this was their first challenge.

  • Sharkibark

    Sorry, if I had a daughter she wouldn’t be going to huge public events like this. It’s not fear, it’s common sense in a world where a death cult wants lives and limbs shattered. People needed to “keep calm and carry on” when there were thousands of brave men fighting, killing and dying for their sense of calm. Now it’s just an excuse to do nothing. Nothing after the slaughters of thousands in New York, after the massacre of tourists on a beach in Tunesia. Nothing after a soldier is beheaded on the streets of London, nothing after music lovers were killed in Orlando, and Paris and now Manchester. #prayforwhoever. F**k when are people going to wake up?

    • Linda1000

      So, I guess you won’t be celebrating Canada Day either. That’s going to be a target rich environment as typically crowds gather on Parliament Hill for the fireworks, etc. and also in all cities.

      • Sharkibark

        Of course I’ll be celebrating Canada Day! In my own backyard, Hubby making something delish on the BBQ, with friends. 🙂 Not anywhere crowded, that’s for sure!

  • Gary

    I was listening to a radio show out of Toronto and the 2 Hosts were young people from middle class Homes outside Toronto. I had to shake my head at how the CBC and STAR fooled them over the FAKE News along with the Liberal narratives about how Diversity keeps us safe and make us stronger.
    The subject of Terrorism came up and one of the Hosts said that we are lucky in canada because our Multiculturalism and Diversity has avoided the problems of Germany, France and the UK because Toronto doesn’t have the Ghettos that produce Terrorists or high crimes areas.

    Wow……so the record high gun deaths and Homicides in Toronto are from middle class areas while the Toronto-18 terrorists that were headed by a Afghan refugee were Quakers that wanted to use truck-bombs to slaughter 5000+ people during lunch time on a nice day in the Down Town area.
    How F’d up are our youth that when they get a job on the Radio they deny that muslim terrorists are linked to the quran and that Canada is free of radical mosques while the real problem is islamophobia .
    I can understand how the News is Filtered and the CRTC has a List of Words they can’t use….but to deny reality and not know about the Jihad plots since 9/11/01 is an indictment of the PC media and failed School system.

    The quebec mosque attack was first reported by Muslims IN the mosque as 2 masked person with AK-47’s that yelled in Arabic as they fired the weapons. But about 7 hours later the CBC changed the story to a lone gunmen that was a Trump supporter and white Christian.
    How nice…..just in time for M-103 to impose Sharia blasphemy laws to protect muslms from hurt feeling. The alleged shooter is now reported as guilty by the Imams and islamic Orgs even when the Trial has yet to start. But in 2014 when we saw 2 Jihad attacks by muslms….. Justin blamed it on mental illness or poverty while he and the NDP would not link islam to the ISIS inspired jihad. When Ottawa had 2 muslms roaming the streets to stab people at random….the Police didn’t mention the M-word and said they didn’t see a link to the persons or a motive.

    We’re screwed if the Liberals keep up this charade as the islamists plot to kill us.

    • mauser 98
    • Brian Jones

      “How F’d up are our youth that when they get a job on the Radio they deny that muslim terrorists are linked to the quran and that Canada is free of radical mosques while the real problem is islamophobia .”

      That’s part of the job description.

      Hell, I used to do a music show on campus/community radio for years and those kids just kept getting more and more zombified every year. It used to be that the music shows got a pass on having to spew garbage because we were the only ones who had any listeners (I was the 3rd most popular show on my station with an average of 500 online listeners per show, lol, but most of the talk shows were lucky to have 15), but in time the zombies demanded that we parrot talking points such as the “unceded Insert-Tribe-Name-Here territory” 2-3x an hour and they were starting to screen even apolitical music show proposals for pliability and conformity to their cherished narratives.

      Which is about when I decided it was time to pack it in. I think they lost about 6 other long-time DJs around the same time, but the little twerps considered that a stroke of luck.

      Meanwhile, none of them can figure out why listenership is so low.

  • ontario john

    Margaret W. has an interesting opinion piece at the Globe and Mail website. She explains how White Privilege is now being taught as part of the Ontario school curriculum. Yes here in Wynne’s Ontario our kids are being taught that if your white, you are evil.

    • PaulW

      No need to worry – as soon as Muslims are the majority here as they will be in a decade or so, then Muslim privilege will be taught in schools instead. There will be affirmative action programs to ensure businesses and schools take a large number of minority white folk into their ranks; there will be “White culture” week celebrations – the works! Can’t wait.

  • mauser 98
  • Clausewitz

    There’s always money for the security of the Elites. The rest of us are on our own. Good luck to you all.

  • ontario john

    The media is excited today, that little Justin has issued a statement celebrating the beginning of ramadan ding dong. He thanked the muslim community for their great contributions to Canada.

    • Alain

      Has he stated if he will be participating?

      • Linda1000

        There is one Libtard MP in Ajax ON who is again fasting for ramadamadingdong. – Mark Holland.

        • Bernie

          Maybe he will over do and need to get a Candy Bar before he starves to death?

    • V10_Rob

      “…Their great contributions to Canada.”

      How about giving us some examples, Pony?

      • Minicapt

        … Canada’s First Nations?


  • andycanuck

    Will the Pride Parade be glitter bombed?