Egypt: Muslims murder 35 Christians to celebrate start of Ramadan, many children among victims

Update: The death toll is now 35 dead, reports indicate most victims are children. Islam is the religion of peace that loves to murder children.

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At least 23 people killed and dozens more injured as gunmen open fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians near Cairo

Islam’s Holiest Month Ramadan: A Time for murder

Check for daily updates on the body count of this year’s Ramadan Muslim Murder Frenzy at the Religion of Peace

  • Gary

    The mass-slaughter gives it that Muihammad touch so know it’s the true islam .

    • Islam and murder – nothing more natural in hell

  • ontario john

    Yes its time for our annual “How many Christians can Islam kill” contest, during the Ramadan ding dong festival of Satan. I’m laying bets on 2500 murders this year.

    • At least.

    • Watchman

      It’s a tradition that we’ve come to expect from ‘The Religion of Peace™’ a.k.a ‘The Religion of Submission’.

  • WalterBannon

    the religion of death strikes again

    • Every day Muslims murder for Islam the world over.

  • BillyHW

    Didn’t gaping-rectum-homosexual anti-Pope Francis just visit there to tell those Copts how peaceful Islam was?

    • Damn right he did and this will show those Copts he was right!

  • ontario john

    The CBC is now reporting that the death toll has risen to 26, with at least 25 injured. The CBC doesn’t know who is behind the attack. Yes, its a mystery who could have done it. Well, we certainly know it has nothing to do with islam. That kind of talk can get you into trouble here in Sunny Ways Canada.

    • I am seeing 35 dead in one report.

      • ontario john

        Meanwhile CTV News is celebrating the start of ramadan ding dong. Yes lets all celebrate the cult of death, started by a murdering, child molesting, goat screwing lunatic.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    “Let’s not eat for a month and just kill people instead”……call that “religion”?

    • marty_p

      Be prepared for an endless stream of puff piece articles in the newspapers exploring every facet of Ramadan – it would not surprise me in the least if some Libtard group asks us all to do a one day “solidarity fast”.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Dysfunction begins with Ramadan.

      • New Centurion

        You nailed it. I bet JT (in that nasally irritating voice of his) will encourage “All Canadians” celebrate with “Muslim Canadians” the rich heritage of Ramadan…by bashing in the head of an infidel.

      • Watchman

        Well they already ask us not to eat or smoke in front of muslims during this time, it’s just an extra step to ask us not to eat at all during the daylight hours like the muslims.

    • Islam is the result of Satan giving life to his shit.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Much though I find eating in public kinda gross, I think it would be hilarious if freedom-loving Christians made a particular point to munch their way through their everyday activities throughout Ramadamadingdong. Sliced turkey sandwiches in the subway, peanuts or hotdogs walking down the street, Smarties at your desk, etc. Think about it. It could be reall funny…….

    • Norsky

      Suggest adding ham and bacon to the menu, LOL!

    • We need a Pork Festival to coincide with Ramadan.

    • Watchman

      Pork Crackling: an auditory treat as well as a culinary treat!

      Ramadan should have its kafir equivalent: The Festival of Lahm Khinzir (Pork). Coincides directly with the period of Ramadan, and is celebrated with the month long consumption of pork products, especially those pork cuts which can be barbecued or smoked. Optional is the consumption of Alcohol, restricted to after sunset except for summertime when beer or wine is permitted during the daylight hours.

  • Watchman

    Fake news: Egyptian jihadist, “We will not be beaten by Libyan terrorism, and have implemented an emergency plan to show our greater devotion to Allah by killing more kufr than the Libyan jihadist did in Manchester. 35 vs 22. Allahu Akbar! Egypt Akbar.”