Laughing Afghan refugees are guilty of gang-raping girl, 16

Rafiullah Hamidy Muslim rapist

A group of men who gang-raped a lost 16-year-old girl above a takeaway have been found guilty.

The girl had asked for directions when she was taken to the room and subjected to a ‘frightening ordeal’ by the four men.

She was on her way home from a night out in Ramsgate, Kent, when the men picked her up.

  • WalkOfShame

    Punishment 1.
    Make him walk in shame, for a full day through busy streets and live coverage.

    Punishment 2.
    The victim of the act will perform a rather “medieval” procedure on the rapist.

    Punishment 3.
    Every day, the rapist will have to say the words ‘I am sorry I raped you. My penis is small, and I cannot satisfy a woman. I am in shame. I deserve no mercy nor forgiveness. Do as you wish with me’.

    (Punishment 3 is actually interesting, because the victim can decide whatever will happen to the rapist. But he will still have to do this, every day. If he does not, the punishment is both 1, and 2. So punishment 3 is actually a way of making him think about the outcome, and he has to regret what he did, over and over, day after day. If he fails, or misses the appointment, he knows his fate).

  • bob e

    vigilantees mebbe ‘ what else is a normal brit suppose to do when
    muzlims are raping your women & children on a massive scale.
    go to court ??? yea sure. TIME IS UP ..

  • simus1

    Tommy just explained on the rebel that these muslim rapists are multiple repeat offenders still out on bail, “still awaiting” sentencing for convictions for previous rapes. The judges over there must all be perverts being blackmailed since the animals don’t ever meet their set conditions of bail.

  • marty_p

    I strongly advise anyone with Kodi to watch “Three Girls” the BBC 3 hr drama based upon the Mo grooming of young white girls in Rotheringham. Though throughout the entire drama the words Muslim and Islam are not stated – it’s pretty obvious who and what the perps were. And of course, after being found guilty, some of the perps said that the jury was “racist”.