‘It’s positive discrimination’: Soup kitchen owner only employs Muslim women – and lets them pray even if the restaurant is full of customers

Hana Assifiri

A soup kitchen owner says she only employs Muslims and allows them to pray in the middle of busy shifts.

Hana Assifiri, a self-described ‘Muslim feminist’, was profiled for ABC documentary Speed Date A Muslim.

This is the same Melbourne business owner who in April successfully campaigned to stop Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali from visiting Australia… Ms Assifiri was the spokeswoman for a petition opposing the visit of the Somali-born writer, who requires 24-hour security, and appeared in a video accusing Ms Hiri Ali of being a misogynist. (Apparently she’s also a “white supremecist”. – Ed.)

…The taxpayer-funded documentary shows her inviting customers to attend a speed dating evening where they can ask Muslims any questions.

However, when asked about sharia law by Daily Mail Australia the Moroccan Soup Bar owner declined to answer.

‘Sharia law is a whole massive conversation we need time to discuss and debate with,’ she said in April.

‘It’s not something I can give you a quick sound bite.’

How is that even legal?