The forgotten slaughters of the innocents

For now, everyone knows the sonorous name and cherubic face of 8-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos.

She’s the littlest known victim of Monday night’s jihad attack in Manchester, England. Her doe-eyed image spread as rapidly across social media as the #PrayForManchester hashtags and Twitter condolences from celebrities.

But I guarantee you that beautiful Saffie Rose will evaporate from the memories of those most loudly proclaiming “Never forget” faster than a dewdrop in the desert.

  • Gary

    Is pretty sick how the CBC, STAR, Tory , Wynne and Justin make the muslims out to be the victims of these jihad slaughters and then denounce any islamophobic acts to blame all muslims for the action of a few that hijacked their faith.

    Here’s the News story about Wynne making the Pulse Club slaughter about islamophobia even when 49 LBGTQTW members were slaughtered.
    Wynne mentions it about 7 times as if a mosque was attacked.

  • tom_billesley

    Alleged arson attack on mosque in Oldham near Manchester took place five hours after the Manchester Arena suicide bombing.
    Deflecting the narrative to “muslims are the real victims”?

    • Gary

      In Canada we had 2 hoaxes for a Mosque attack in 2014 when those muslim jihadists kill the soldier in Ottawa and stormed Parliament as the other muslims ran over a soldier with a car .

      I now have some respect for the Nazi’s because THEY had the guts to wear a Uniform to show what they stood for and NEVER targeted children as a tactic to inflict terror .
      Allah soldier are SCUM that need to be wiped of the Earth for good
      because the dress like Civilians to blend in among to civilians to kill mainly Civilians.
      These Liberal leaders need to be jailed and face a World Court from Crimes against Humanity but knowingly bring in terrorist to the country and knowingly let them walk freely among the people to slaughter them via Terrorism.
      They are Guilty By-Proxy as co-terrorists that have enabled the slaughters by their free will choice to not stop them.

      Justin is guilty too because the children of his “refugees” are now beating up girls in school while the Teachers and Principals are covering it up . This is bad news because little boys in gaza grow up to be terrorists because of the quran which is what theses boys read and will be terrorists here one day.

      One report was that during the recess soccer game at a school there was a syrian boy the made a motion to one other boy that he was going to have his head cut off. The school denied it but just 2 days later the kids were sent home with a Letter to tell the Parents that Soccer games at recess are now cancelled.

      Liberalism is a mental disorder .

  • H

    Remember the staged “boy on the beach” scenes from a couple of years ago that, arguably, helped unlock the floodgates of Europe to “refugees”? And the incredible non-stop fuss the media made of it. But of this girl’s death? They’re not so interested in pursuing that story – there will be no calls of “refugees unwelcome”, or even for slightly tighter border and immigration controls. No, not from them, no matter how pretty and innocent she looks. Their outrage and moral posturing is extremely selective and only appears as a tool in support of their desired narrative. They don’t care about Saffie Rose just as they didn’t really care about that drowned boy.

  • Exile1981

    Cute kid. It’s horrible that the British politicians sacrificed her on the alter of multiculturalism.