Students harass white prof for questioning diversity event

Students are calling for the resignation of an Evergreen State College professor who questioned the school’s request that white people vacate campus during a day-long event for people of color.

The school has long hosted an annual two-part event known as the “Day of Absence and Day of Presence,” which traditionally begins with a day of off-campus programm18ing for students of color (the “day of absence”) that coincides with on-campus workshops for the white population, followed by a “day of presence” during which students compare notes from the experience.

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  • WalterBannon

    racist black nazis

  • Do these brats even live in a diverse neighbourhood? Do they have non-token friends? Can they appreciate what their cultures and what other cultures have to offer?

    No, I didn’t think so.

  • Alain

    Enough of the black privilege. Whites are not allowed to have a day for only whites, but the “people of colour” can. Screw them.

  • Blind Druid

    Get a bunch of white guys to dress like The Blue Man Group and show up.

  • bargogx1

    Never try to “engage in dialogue” with a mob. There’s only one language a mob understands, and its the job of the police to speak that language to them.

  • rich

    i am sick of hearing people of ‘color’ i’m white and that is a color.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’d like to see them try to enforce the temporary expulsion of white students.

  • Krista Kay

    Being Blackish: Race and Self-Identification – “Race is primarily a sociopolitical construct. The sorting of people into this race or that in the modern era has generally been done by powerful groups for the purposes of maintaining and extending their own power.”