Latest CBC Tragedy: City of St. John’s won’t pay infrastructure costs for new Mosque! The Horror!

Coun. Danny Breen, who represents the neighbourhood on St. John’s city council, said the application was rejected because the area has no water and sewer service, and the road is too narrow for emergency vehicles. The Muslim Association would have to pay for both before it could build on the land.

“I wouldn’t be able to guess, but it’s a significant dollar value,” Breen said. “And the city’s requirement is that’s done by the developers of the property. It’s difficult to go outside of that because once you make one exception, you certainly set a precedent for others.”

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  • Gary

    Ever since Barbara Hall approved a mosque in a public school….it became a precedent where we are seeing more DEMANDS by islamist to give their children a mosque in the school .

    I remember the the hoax where the Pickering mosque was fire bombed and vandalized by the muslim custodian at 2:30 am Friday as to call 9-1-1 to get it on the Friday News for sympathy. It was a ruse because the Imam applied for a Mega-Mosque permit knowing it was illegal for the height and parking in that Zone on a small dead-end road.
    The saudi’s didn’t get their Sunni Mega mosque built because Council found out that the 9-1-1 call for the fire was made from a phone inside the mosque at 3:00 am .

    Muslim play the victim when a minority but once they became the majority at the Trento road Public school they demanded the gym be a mosque on Friday.
    They ask for a tiny spot for little Ahmed and Aisha to pray on Friday’s , but then the Valley Park school turns the lunch room in to a Mosque on Friday.

  • John Boy

    And they expect us to pay some or much of their costs to build these fifth columnist barracks!

  • ontario john

    I’m sure little Justin and his muslim cabinet ministers will be rushing there for a selfie and promising millions in federal money. And I see the sick bastards in the media are already ramping up its muslims are wonderful propaganda, in the wake of the Manchester bombing. The Toronto Islamic Star has a story on the heart warming meal prepared for muslim refugees in Toronto. And a major story on how mean coalition forces are to ISIS captives.

  • passerby1969

    “because once you make one exception, you certainly set a precedent for others.”

    Why don’t school boards understand this when it comes to Islam?

    • John Boy

      Because that is the whole point, so there will be a mosque in every school.

    • Teachers unions and school boards will go to any length to undermine and shariaize our secular school system – they need Muslim students because each one represents dollars from the province – dollars that pay their bloated salaries and benefits.

      • eMan14

        That is something I did not consider previously.

      • Exile1981

        In Alberta the school gets a lot of extra money for special needs kids. So some school districts have gone out of the way to encourage high needs kids or those with inbreeding issues, or FAS to attend their schools for the extra money to pay salaries.

        • The Deplorable Rosenmops

          There was a school fight in Red Deer the other day between Syrian kids and Canadian kids. There is a video of it here

          Here is a screen capture of the video at the Toronto Sun, showing a brown kid (presumably the Syrian) hitting a student in a red toque with what appears to be a belt or whip.

          The Rebel Media is investigating this.

          • Exile1981

            I was reading a interview with a parent from that school in the red deer paper. They are pissed the school gave 5 day suspensions to the Canadian kids and 1 day to the syrian kids and then lied about it when called out by parents.

            Interestingly the feds put out a booklet on the Syrian refugees.
            Prior to Turdeau opening the flood gas there were only 40,840 people in Canada of Syrian ethnicity. Now it’s almost 100K. IN 2011 99% of the 40k syrians in Canada were in Ontario and Quebec, but the feds decided the new refugees should be distributed in pockets to other provinces.

            Looking at the booklet (which puts a happy smile on the population replacement process) they admit the majority of the refugees are actually men 18-59. Since those are the normal ages for soldiers, I have to wonder why that age category is skewed towards men so much rather than women.

            The report says the majority of the refugees were already settled in Jordan and Lebanon.
            Here are other stats on the refugees from the report.

            43% had witnessed torture or violent acts (no word on what % were the ones conducting the torture)

            20% of the boys 5-17 interviewed said they felt humiliated and angry because of being forced to live among their host communities. – If this isn’t a sure sign of them being primed to be a danger to said host communities then I have no idea what is.

            10% of the families have a member have a disabled member and 41% of those disabled are children.
            Women and girls 15 and up had been sexually assaulted or raped nearly 50% of the time.

            They pre-screened 1439 of the refugees for the following conditions:
            heart disease
            mental illness/violent moods
            Mental retardation

            16% of those screened were identified as having one of the above issues.

          • The Deplorable Rosenmops

            It probably makes Trudope happy when he can import violent, diseased Syrians to Alberta.

    • Clausewitz

      Because most school board trustee’s are hopeless lefty fools.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Republic of Doyle?

  • This is clearly a conspiracy, said the perennial victim crowd.

  • chuck_2012