‘You attention-seeking… deluded clown’: Piers Morgan slams Lily Allen and Charlotte Church in Twitter row in the aftermath of Manchester attack

Good fun.

  • Dana Garcia

    Good use of adjectives, Piers.

  • tom_billesley

    Manchester bombing: How best to cope with terror, how it’s normal to feel after an attack
    That’s right, we have to address our feelings, not eradicate the terrorists.

  • deplorabledave

    Somethin done come over Piers, methinks it’s common sense.

  • And, those are her good points!

  • robins111

    Pompous Piers, is getting quite entertaining back in Britain, he’s definitely better in this role, than he was as an insufferable cnut over gun control…

    Who knows, after a few more beheading he may even start demanding a version of the 2nd amendment..

  • Wait – did Piers Morgan find Jesus or the Spirit of Christmas or something?

    He’s making sense.