Police believe Muslim bomb maker is still at large after ‘finding NO trace of explosives or equipment at Manchester attacker’s house’

The bomb maker who provided Salman Abedi with the explosive device used to cause carnage at Manchester Arena may still at large, police have revealed.

Abedi slaughtered 22 people and maimed dozens of others setting off a suicide bomb after an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.

There are now reports police believe the 22-year-old terrorist had been given the explosive – packed with nuts and bolts – by a bomb maker who is still at large and preparing to mastermind further attacks. It is thought that experts found no traces of explosives or equipment at Abedi’s house.

  • Maiming is terrible, maybe even worse than death. And losing a loved one is also terrible, maybe even worse than death. 22 deaths, dozens maimed, and how many other sufferers who were not at the concert themselves? Hundreds, no doubt.

    The evil of Muslims who do this in the name of their “religion” is immeasurable. The evil of those who support Islam, who support Islamic immigration to the West, who support Islamization of the West – that evil is even greater than the preceding.

    I often in this context remember the exclamation of Joseph Conrad: “the horror, the horror”. Merkel and her ilk deserve eternal hell for what they did to these young children and young adults.