Muslims hold hostages in church in Philippines city of Marawi

Church in Marawi where Muslims hold hostages in latest outbreak of Mohammedan mass murder.

ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) fighters have stormed a major city in the Philippines to reign terror over citizens forcing government forces to take to the streets for battle.

Gunmen took hostages at a cathedral in Marawi fights broke out between ISIS-linked extremists and government forces.

The city was engulfed in a bloody battle after least 15 fighters from Maute, an ISIS backed-group, stormed the city, forcing the president to delcare a state of emergency.

  • tom_billesley

    Liberals are the same the world over
    Liberal Party president Sen. Francis Pangilinan says Congress will look into the basis of the martial law declaration

  • rich

    can we borrow their president for a while when he’s not to busy

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Trump has invited him to Washington.

  • xavier

    Ya know these scum are illegal combatants who deserve no quarter. So I have this sentiment of dividing Mindinao into grids and the dropping 4 or 5 fuel air bombs per grid and continue for a month non stop with other types of bombs
    At the same time i’d go after the planners and bagmen and kill them without compuction. Supporters who chest thump over any atrocity kill them too.

    They have to suffer Verdun/Somme/Chemin des Dames level of casualities for them to turn tail so we can shoot them in the back without losing any sleep.

    • sk6actual

      I’m reminded of Dirty Dozen major (Lee Marvin) to prisoner (Charles Bronson) accused of killing a deserter:
      “The only problem was ya’ let someone see ya’ do it”

  • sk6actual

    Lemme guess, Mindanao? Been a muzzie stronghold since we went there is 1900 fcol.