Manchester reminds us that we’re all vulnerable

I’ve stood where the parents of Manchester concertgoers stood Monday evening waiting for their kids to come out of the Ariana Grande concert.

No, I don’t mean I’ve stood outside the Manchester Arena. I’ve stood outside or idled in my car on the street below the Edmonton equivalent waiting for our own kids to come out from a Rihanna concert or AC/DC, Lady Gaga, Roger Waters, or any of a dozen other concerts they attended during their teens.

  • ontario john

    All those millions of dollars that feminist Trudeau sent to Indonesia is really working out well. The media is reporting that the police forces there are forming a joint task force to track down all homosexuals, and arrest them.

    • Uncommunist

      And then … worse. Governments are shizo

  • marty_p

    Why do we all have to become amateur psychiatrists to dissect how and why and what motivates young Muslims to do what they do? I just listened to Mubin Shaikh on Talk 640 in Toronto trying to explain how young Mo’s become radicalized as they feel isolated – they can’t find jobs after they convince themselves that they can’t work for a woman, a Jew or a Kafir. They have to be made to feel welcome and that their host society appreciates them. They become frustrated after their co-religionists in Muslim nations are victimized and they feel they have to respond….Blah Blah Blah.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass how they feel or what motivates them.

    Simple solution – we are in a war situation – stop importing potential terrorists.

    • H

      They hate us and want to kill us – it’s really not that complicated.

    • Frances

      There’s a study out of – I believe – Germany that looked at young men, both Christian and Muslim. It found that Christian young men became less violent as they became more religions. The reverse was true for Muslim young men.

      • PaulW

        It used to be when people “found” religion in prison it was Christianity, and they became much less of a burden for guards and their fellow inmates. Now it’s Islam they convert to and they become more of a problem and resistant to any rehabilitation. They get their precious halal food and prayer rugs and can study their ideology’s hateful texts to their heart’s content. They’re essentially luxury jihadist training camps in many places, at the infidels’ expense.

  • Linda1000
  • Alain

    Nothing will change unless and until those in power not only feel vulnerable but very afraid of their citizens more than they fear the Muslims.