Visualizing The Rise Of Young Asylum Seekers In Europe

As highlighted in today’s UNICEF report ‘A Child is a Child’, the number of young children applying for asylum in Europe has continued to rise, reaching a new peak last year.

  • andycanuck

    You know, 28-year-old young ‘children’.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If true, this is only 5% or less than the total number of refugees entering Europe.
    On the other hand, it could be a total fabrication too considering that it’s coming from the UN.
    Take your pick!

  • Syrian Refugee

    I am just a 15 year-old asylum seeker who is afraid for my life.

  • Ego

    How exactly does a REAL child reach Europe? I can’t imagine them walking all the way, nor being able to pay someone to take them there, nor their parents paying a smuggler to take them to Europe.
    Also, considering that Muslims don’t value life much, why would Muslim parents try to save their child at great expense but stay home themselves?
    So, assuming there are real minors coming, who transports them?
    The whole thing is beyond improbable, and it stinks.

    • bob e

      I’d say they were traffciked ..

      • Ego

        Paid by whom?

        • deplorabledave

          george soros

  • tom_billesley

    What Angela isn’t telling us….

    Europe could face a new wave of migrant arrivals this summer, a leaked German government report has warned. Up to 6.6m people are waiting in countries around the Mediterranean to cross into Europe, according to details of the classified report leaked to Bild newspaper.
    They include more than 2.5m in North Africa waiting to attempt the perilous crossing by boat. Angela Merkel’s government has not commented on the report, which the newspaper says was marked for internal use only.
    There are fears of a dramatic rise in arrivals as the summer weather turns favourable for sea crossings.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Anything reported coming from the UN is a politically driven lie, to be ignored.

  • Exile1981

    A child is a child…. even if they are 50 and have a history of raping infusels.