Twitter Liberals Worry About Muslims’ Feelings After Manchester Bombing

Some verified users are angry at the “racism and xenophobia” they’re seeing in response to the attack, which reports say was carried out by a suicide bomber.

  • canminuteman

    I commented on instapundit that this was the likely reaction.

  • I fear the Backlash!

  • robins111

    If I was the British lefties. I’d shut my yap until some of their version of Good Old Boys, start digging lsrge trenches to bury a whole bunch of people. Then they can get worried.

    • mobuyus

      Their islamopithicine returnees got Good Old Boys beat at digging large trench’s for burying a whole bunch of people. They have more actual experience in this field.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Send all the so called refugees to Hollywood

  • The 5 Stages of Liberal Jihad Denial

    1. You have no proof it’s Islam!
    2. Fear of backlash!
    3. Muslims are the #1 Victim!
    4. Troubled Loner!
    5. White Devil’s Fault!

  • FoxNews: British Prime Minister Theresa May said at a press conference that the
    attack at the Ariana Grande concert “stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice.” She said police believe they know the identity of the dead attacker, but will not release until further confirmation.

    5:1 odds he’s a convert and they give out only his British name.

    • mobuyus

      They really should be dragging the bombers family members, every filthy one of them behind Triumph motorcycles through the streets.

      • Observer

        You forgot to mention their Imam.

        • mobuyus

          That thing too.

  • HalcyonDaze

    Why would Liberals fear for the feelings of Muslims when the Gov’t hasn’t even identified the perpetrator………… oh wait?

  • Editor

    Why do the white Brits hate themselves so much?

  • Barrington Minge

    If mooslims are worried by the potential backlash they have a simple solution. Grow up, join the 21st century, become civilised and shop the murderers. Then and only then will the civilised world take you seriously.

    • John Boy

      But then they wouldn’t be following their holey Koran and so you couldn’t call them mooslims.

  • rich

    i know where the racism and xenophobia is coming from, the left and muslims.