Terrorist’s brother smiled as he was arrested

This is the moment anti-terror police swooped on Salman Abedi’s brother in the street and arrested him in connection with last night’s ISIS terror attack in Manchester Arena.

Footage shows officers leading the handcuffed Ismail Abedi, 23, to a police van outside a Morrisons supermarket in Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, south Manchester at about 10.30am this morning.

Witnesses said the IT manager was ordered to ‘get on the ground’ and that he was seen smiling as a team of officers, who had arrived in a black Mercedes, made the arrest.

h/t JEH

  • Uncommunist
  • Linda1000
  • Millie_Woods

    Of course he smiled. He knows brit pigs are meatheads.

  • Shebel

    If you are a sick paedophile and enjoy killing women and babies—
    There is only one Religion for YOU.
    It is called ISLAM.

    • Watchman

      You don’t even have to like it: it is a islamic religious duty.

      Qur’an 2:216: “Fighting is ordained for you, even though it be hateful to you;”

  • andycanuck

    A commenter at Ace’s said the brother was an Islamic nutter too. No link but I assume UK media reporting on him.

  • mobuyus

    Once upon a time they’d have wiped the smile from his face.

  • Alain

    Why not smile? Mission accomplished and he knows nothing really bad will happen to him such as deportation at least.

    • Watchman

      Not likely even deportation, as he will claim the ‘human right’ of ‘access to family life’ to prevent him being separated from his Britain-residing extended family.

      One of the reasons the Brexit vote succeeded: the disgust of the British public they could not deport foreign national criminals for this EU ‘human right’.

  • vwVwwVwv

    castrate him in public after letting a dog rape him and THEY will not smile