Liberals Enraged About Canada’s Plan to Build ‘Victims of Communism’ Memorial

Despite the fact that the monument will memorialize tens of millions who died over the last century (Stalin, for instance, is believed to have killed more people than Hitler. Similarly millions of Chinese died in Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”), some on the left are peeved about the new monument. The tankies are out in full force, demanding a memorial for the victims of capitalism, colonialism and the United States, instead.

  • Alain

    A more accurate headline would be: Communists Enraged About Canada’s Plan To Build ‘Victims of Communism’ memorial.

    • The Butterfly

      Communist, Liberal, tomaytoe, tomahtoe.

  • Bla Bla

    To those enraged, I say ESAD.
    Additionally, it should be ten times the size to get the point through the thick skulls of those neanderthals and knuckle draggers that support communists to this day.

  • J. C.

    Liberals are ‘enraged’ because such a memorial will make people aware of the true nature of Communism. Awareness will lead to the recognition of Communism, and recognition of Communism means the Liberal pigs will have their snouts knocked out of the trough once and for all…

    • Bernie

      Need to build a Memorial to all the Victims of Liberals and the destruction of the Western Culture.

  • FactsWillOut

    100 million deaths.

    The 50 most populous cities in Canada should each have a nice pile of, say, 2 000 000 skulls, with a plaque that reads “This represents just 2% of those murdered by communists”

  • ontario john

    Comrade Trudeau and his Liberal Party socialists have been fighting this memorial since it was planned. After all, it might upset his Chinese and Cuban buddies.

  • Krista Kay

    “The tankies are out in full force, demanding a memorial for the victims of …colonialism ….

    Islam reigns supreme as colonialist with 56 ISLAMIC STATES to prove it. So yeah, build a memorial to victims of islamic colonialism next to the monument that will memorialize tens of millions who died in the name of communism.

  • irishrus

    They’re enraged because it hits to close to their fearless leader and CBC’s awarded ‘like greatest Canadian ever, dude’ Commie Tommy Goofus Douglass

    • A Hamilton Guy

      When it was reported the cbc was running this contest , I just ignored it ; because I knew ” The Fix was in”.

  • El Martyachi
  • Surele Surele

    After reading few posts today, I just give up. Get me outa here!

  • These pieces of crap need to be left in North Korea.