Contemptible PC Cowardice #ManchesterBombing

  • Hard Little Machine
  • Liberal Progressive

    Good work Darren.

    We must silence all those offensive non-progressive comments that might offend Islam.

    • WalterBannon

      Darren should be swinging from a lamp post

  • J. C.

    DarrenB is a cucked faggot.

    • Watchman

      I think the “Demand action” should be the giveaway that she is not demanding vigilante violence, but for the public to demand the government do something useful. DarrenB GFY.

    • David Murrell

      DarrenB might be involved in this latest Islamic war crime. The Met police too.

      • Blacksmith

        That is a foregone conclusion to anyone who has been paying attention in the last few decades aint it? It still amazes me how many have their heads up the kardashian butts and refuse to see the world as it really is.

  • Watchman

    Let’s pull three or four police off the Manchester Bombing investigation to devote to investigating whether Katie Hopkins is calling for violence or whether she is calling for the populace to “Demand action” from the government bureaucracy. Maybe the police will decide to interview her overnight after detaining her, like how the handle Tommy Robinson.

    • WalterBannon

      the Gestapo works that way, they love to roust their victims in the middle of the night

  • Martin B

    Whole squadrons of specialist officers are reviewing and assessing tweets for political correctness. Meanwhile…

  • irishrus

    How come it took so long for cops to even determine what happened… hours on hours

    So what I’m asking is when did they enter the building attacked by the peace and love culture and claimed as a hit by ISIS (whether true or not)

    • Watchman

      They had to try to find an alternative narrative to pin the cause upon, so as not to associate any blame on the basic tenets of islam. Obviously they failed and now have to attribute the cause to ‘extremism’ and ‘radicalised on the Internet’.

  • Solo712

    The latest Manc news: Katie Hopkins reported to police after tweeting that ‘final solution’ was needed after last night’s massacre of girls.

    • WalterBannon

      a ‘final solution’ to muslims is needed – Ban Islam, Deport all Muslims

  • simus1

    We “get it”.
    There will be much more loot for the deserving elites once the expensive little people who think they count for something are “phased out”.

    In another facet of this muslim fanatic attempt at terrorism via mass murder, I could not help noticing the preponderance of of very young to perhaps mid teens “female children” attending this event minus any adults and am somewhat puzzled at a parental mindset that would think this was a good idea.

    • Will Quest

      It was a lesbian event to promote womyn power , and the gurrls flocked to it like flies to sh_t ……Grande’s ” Dangerous women tour ” was all about pink balloons,and kitty caterwauling …….

  • marty_p

    Michael (What religion am I this week?) Coren was interviewed this morning and did a perfect libtard politically correct dance – had the nerve to say most Muslims were in the hospitals working to keep Manchester citizens healthy when the bombing took place.

    • simus1

      Poor Coren.
      If he could have only waited for Pope Evita to hit his stride ……………..

    • And does Coren mention the HUGE percentage of NHS doctors that have gone to fight for ISIS? No, I bet he didn’t!

      • Watchman

        These doctors were just working to keep British ISIS members healthy in sunny Syria. Britain: where the health system is so good your NHS doctors even follow you on to the battlefield to take care of you. /sarc

  • No one does cowardice better than Europeans whipped by their Muslim walfare-takers.

  • Tanya

    Typical PC BS WTF Moment. When will police forces start taking action against the very people who perpetrate these despicable acts of savagery instead of going into a tizzy fit about fine upstanding citizens who have had enough of all this PC BULLSIT! Katie Hopkins is calling out the elephant in the room while this loser Darren B sticks his head up his arse and goes to a safe place in his own mind. INCITING RACIAL HATRED be buggered, if this islamopop appeaser doesn’t get it by now maybe he never will, what a loser!

  • Blacksmith

    The sad part is the biggest reason douchebags like this DarrenB exist is feminism. They have turned a generation of males into pussies. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.