Harvard student submits senior thesis: a rap album

Now that is the racism of no expectations.

  • ontario john

    Well, I guess its no worse than the university in Ontario that has a credit course on Beyonce.

    • Editor

      Or this team that won a national debate competition.


      Academia is a menace to Western civilization.

      • Martin B

        If you could take a time machine back to the Old South, you would not find a more humiliating minstrel show than that debate, no matter where you looked.

      • Watchman

        It’s perfect SJW/Progressive argument technique: (a) Not allowing the opposite side a chance to ask questions by refusing to stop the stream of words even to the extent of loudly taking breath so that there is never a pause in the sound, and (b) not ordering the arguments in a clear logical manner that contains an introduction, a body, a conclusion, and facts.

        The summary of which might be “I’m talking about my feels; don’t interrupt.”

        It will come a huge disappointing surprise to them when they have to argue a position when they enter the workplace one day with this ‘debating’ technique.

        • Editor

          I would have liked a bit more hand clapping as punctuation though.

          • Watchman

            That would have interfered in the rhythm of the table slapping and the frantic circular hand waving action.

            Does this ‘debate’ technique require adequate preparation by the imbibing of a copious mix of LSD, cocaine and methamphetamine?

      • Shebel

        I understood the ‘nigger’ part.

      • Shebel

        I think they were expropriating the Inuit culture of
        ‘Throat Singing’.

  • Martin B

    If Harvard insists on flushing itself down the toilet, that’s fine with me.

  • Watchman

    Harvard is supposed to be a University, not a trade school. I hope that this rap album had additional serious analysis of this art form showing a deeper understanding. I would not expect an Harvard Mechanical Engineering student to get an A- grade by submitting his hotted-up car as his thesis, as this would not demonstrate any deep understanding of the science.

  • deplorabledave

    In a sane society this would be nothing but an embarrassment.

    • Shebel

      I gather that you have a very dim view of us all.

  • Minicapt

    Cornel West departed Harvard in 2002 when his boss suggested that West’s rap album carreer was interfering with his teaching duties.


  • Shebel

    Do they have a 4 year course that Majors in–
    Victimology. ?

  • BillyHW

    Remember folks, hire only STEM graduates, even for non-STEM jobs. Put those non-STEM resumes straight into the trash where they belong.