Andy Ngo Learns a Lesson About Free Speech

From National Review comes this story, disturbingly similar to many others, about the death of freedom of speech on college campuses: “Fired for Reporting the Truth,” by Andy Ngo, May 12, 2017. The crime for which the author was fired from his job on the campus newspaper at Portland State University was simply that he tweeted, without comment, a video of what was said at a public interfaith panel discussion by a Muslim participant, who presumably knew what he was saying was being recorded and did not object. The student editors at the campus newspaper, the Vanguard, were another matter.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Working at a college newspaper is the best easiest job now. Just ask the crazies to give you their manifesto and talking points and print that. I would literally phone it in. If anyone complains narc them out to the powers that be and threaten the admin there will be a riot.

  • Blacksmith

    The leftist are willfully ignorant, this is just more proof of same. A factual video is posted but doesn’t fit the narrative, so it must be suppressed.