Women’s college fights for status, then accepts transgender guys, then declares financial emergency

Mills does not allow women who have been surgically mutilated into pretend men to attend their august academy.

Such a great business plan. What could go wrong? From Scott Jaschik at Inside Higher Ed:

In 1990, Mills College announced that it would become coeducational, with officials saying it was no longer viable to remain a women’s college. Sixteen days of protests followed, with students demanding that the college remain a women’s institution.
The board relented. College officials said the spirit of the students was a sign of great things to come for the liberal arts institution. The movement attracted global attention to the Oakland, Calif., college.

On Tuesday the college announced that its board had declared a “financial emergency” that will lead to layoffs of faculty and staff members and a new approach to the curriculum. The college’s annual operating deficit has grown to more than $9 million — a considerable sum at an institution where the operating budget for next year is $57 million.

With a six-year graduation rate of about 67 percent, the college has also struggled to hold on to students. While that figure is above the national average, it is not the kind of graduation rate about which residential liberal arts colleges boast. Mills does much better than many other institutions when it comes to diversity. A slight majority of students are nonwhite. Many are from low-income families. Mills was early among women’s colleges to adopt a formal policy to admit transgender students.

Transgender? But wait…

To attract more students, Hillman said that Mills would work quickly to revamp its curriculum. She said the new curriculum remains to be figured out but will include a “signature experience” and will promote both the liberal arts and preparation for careers. More.

Reality check: It’s anyone’s guess what the “signature experience” will be. If they could just get rid of Trump and suchlike, the government would step in. Maybe unemployed people can be drafted to enrol in college and then they can teach anything they want and be about anything they like.

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