Is Europe committing suicide? Controversial book claims elites in UK and the Continent are encouraging mass immigration because they’ve lost faith in historic Christian values

A couple of days ago, I saw TV footage of the outspoken Labour MP Jess Phillips on the campaign trail, seeking re-election in her suburban Birmingham constituency.

She was asked which issues voters mentioned most often on the doorstep. Ms Phillips did not miss a beat.

‘Immigration comes up…’ she said thoughtfully. And then, as if remembering herself, she started talking about bin collections instead.

It was, I thought, an enormously revealing moment. For there is no issue so potentially dangerous as immigration. Many people have intense feelings about it, and many feel unable to raise them publicly.

Even in private, self-consciously tolerant people discuss immigration very tentatively, if at all.

  • Oracle9

    Why is Murray’s correct analysis and rational warning still seen as controversial?

    The implication of the elitist article is that the real threat, the dangerous consequence is not the breakdown of civil society but some imagined “extreme far-right” gaining traction.

    As if the totalitarian Left has the corner on tolerance!

    The extreme far left has again shown they have no capacity to even contemplate this catastrophe which a sane person can see unfolding right before our eyes.

    • It is seen as controversial because it is prescient.

      • Oracle9

        Well whoever can’t discern what is already happening then it’s a testament to the power of the leftist ideology to relieve otherwise intelligent people of healthy self-concern, while condemning their few children to hell on earth.

        • It can be chalked up to malice but just as easily to stupidity.

          • Oracle9

            There’s something else going on – mass brainwashing. A whole society doesn’t just elect to annihilate itself.

          • This brain-washing has been going on for decades. We are reaping what has been sown.

  • Observer

    That picture is mislabeled.

    It should read, “Look, more widow and orphan makers!”