Evening Photos

(1) Sunrise on a bitterly cold winter morning (Banff, Alberta) by Marc Adamus

(2) In the misty forest (Sofia, Bulgaria) by Galia Veleva

(3) Backroad on a damp misty day (rural Victoria, Australia) by Sam

(4) Sun rays in the desert (Namibia) by Jacky Kobelt

(5) Spring bluebells (Halerbos, Belgium) by wim denijs

(6) The bleak midwinter (no location given) by Irene

(7) Autumn in a foggy park (Huntsville, Alabama) by Wes Thomas

(8) The manor house in Manpad (Heemstede, Netherlands) by Karel Ton

(9) Beautiful valley (New Zealand) by Dmitry Pichugin

(10) Winter forest sunset (Mongolia) by Boko Boldbaatar

(11) Spring morning (Hungary) by Andy58/András Schafer

(12) Winter reflections (Yosemite, California) by Molly Wassenaar

(13) Deep in the woods (Oregon) by Erik Hovmiller

(14) Autumn vineyards (Piemonte, Italy) by Alex Polli

(15) Winter day (no location given) by Ring Photography

(16) The Four Winds Mill (Rotterdam, Netherlands) by Herman van den Berge

(17) Starry sky (Tyrol, Austria) by Nicholas Roemelt

(18) Stream (Highlands, Scotland) by Hilda Murray

(19) The Remote Coast (Oregon) by Andrew Soundarajan

(20) Country Roads(Alberta, with Rockies on the horizon) by Tania Simpson