TIMES SQUARE HORROR 1 dead, 13 injured after car plows into pedestrians; one person in custody

One person was in custody and at least 13 people were injured after a speeding car jumped a curb and injured several people in New York’s Times Square on Thursday afternoon.

  • mobuyus

    Can we expect the Governor of New York to visit all car “accidents” from now on?

    • John Boy

      Did he do it to “make America Mexico again” or was it the shout of peace “Allahu Akbar”?

  • Observer

    “It looked like he was trying to hit them,” said witness Annie Donahey, 24. “He wasn’t trying to go back on the street.

    I am waiting for the New York Times and much of the media to report the man did this because of PTSD resulting from the election of President Trump.

  • Within five minutes of the news breaking, the NBC tv news in NY (news 4 nbc) said there was “no known link to terror” which was then pasted as a red banner across the screen. Meanwhile, Fox News remarked that due to how the roads & traffic conditions are, it is difficult to go very fast at all and that it would seem to be a deliberate act for the driver to get up to the kind of speed it must have taken to cause such a horrendous collision. NBC said we could breathe a sigh or relief since it was “just an accident”, Fox news said nobody really knew anything yet. Now they say the driver had a history of DWIs, so it is suspected that he was a drunk driver.
    I just found it interesting how quickly nbc declared before anything was known that it could not possibly be anything nefarious.

  • bob e

    can’t wait for the spin & horse manure pile up on this.
    Nobody would pull a stunt like this without a reason.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)
  • Heltau

    Another peaceful message from the peace and light “religion” of islam or blm or both as the same time.